Dear Mr. Right,

Dear Mr. Right,

Dear Mr. Right,

I must be honest with you, my heart is scarred however my feelings now are and will continue to remain genuine and pure. Despite everything that I have been though and whatever we may go through, I must remain true to who I am. I ask that you consider looking past my outer appearances and see me for who I am not what you envision me or the “significant other” figure in your life to be. I am open to learning new things, exploring new ventures and adapting new ways of thinking, but I will not be silent when I am caused to feel uncomfortable. I need to be treated as if I matter, as if my feelings matter, as if I mean something special to you, no matter how much of the financial responsibility you agree to take on. The idea of being loved and respected sits high on my agenda as I will reciprocate the same initiatives in your favor. Not only would like to hear that I am loved, I need to feel it. Spontaneity is encouraged.

Without judgement, I’d like you to know that I am spiritual & I go to church.  I don’t go every Sunday (maybe not even every other Sunday either), but when I feel like I want and/or need to go, I go. And while I’m on the subject, I listen to gospel music every day before I turn on any “other music”; it helps to keep me grounded. Also, I sing! I sing when I’m cleaning, I sing when I’m showering, I sing in the car.

You should know that my family is close and they play an important position in my life. I will not let them overshadow or interfere in our relationship matters, ultimately retaining boundaries that have previously been set prior to your arrival. I laugh. I laugh because that is who I am, I’m happy. I talk. I talk because I feel that communication is one of the most important components in a relationship. I want to similarly share my thoughts and ideas with you as we effectively recoil philosophies and concepts of each another’s distinctive opinions. I promise to make time for you. In the event that our lives become consumed in chaos from the outside world, I promise to always make time for you no matter the circumstance because you are my priority. I will never intentionally embarrass you or publicly humiliate you and ask the same in return.

Unfortunately there will come a time when either of us will cause disappointment, it is natural. We come from different backgrounds and have encountered different circumstances, allowing us to ultimately have different views. I cannot promise that I won’t upset you. Nevertheless, I can assure that whatever action caused the emotion was not deliberate. Teach me to understand your mental composition without depreciating my character or battering my psyche. I will not stand for you putting your hands on me out of rage. I will never create an excuse the will sustain vindication for any type of physical forcefulness used as a reaction.

To some, this may be asking a lot, and to others it may come effortlessly, but to me, these are necessities. I’ve dated, entertained, and accepted less than I‘ve needed or wanted to in my past experiences and I’ve learned. Determined to do things my way, forcing and negotiating, the lessons have not always come easy with some having a bigger price to pay than others.

I’m not perfect by any means and the universe knows I’ve made mistakes. As a result, I have charmingly transformed into a healthier person psychologically and physically and knowing that provides greater fulfillment than any companionship you provide, therefore I must vow to protect it. To say I am strong, is an understatement, I’ve been through some things. I am secure in who I am and appreciate the progress in which I have made into becoming someone that I can look back on and be proud of, even if no one else feels the same. I’m not for everybody; I’m still growing and discovering, building and branding, loving and forgiving. I am not asking for you to be perfect, by definition, it’s impossible. I’m asking for effort, partnership and patience; for accountability and responsibility. Your flaws and your shortcomings are welcome unbiasedly.  Your past is in the past; together we can construct a future.

– CC