About Chrissy

Born in the city of brotherly love, there’s something oddly inimitable about a Philly girl. You think I’m lying, check the facts. From the home of cheesesteaks and the undeniable die-hard Eagles fans, I am currently living as a DMV transplant. Working within steps of our uncle President Barack Obama and oh so eloquently gorgeous Auntie Michelle, I am a proud (and broke) HBCU alumni, self-published author, and lover of all things. As an official and loyal BeyHive member, I’m ready to share the highs and lows, and all of the things in-between, of being a young black women gently transitioning from taking life, people and things for granted, to responsibilities, adulthood, the true meaning of friendships, and finer womanhood. I created this destination to visually and keenly document my interests encompassing family, relationships, music and arts, quirky blingy designs, and any & everything creative that has given me inspiration throughout my path.
Circumnavigating and emerging throughout life, things can get a little complicated. I’ve always imagined having the ability to help others benefit from the potholes previously hit and the hot stoves that have already been touched. Stories and insights transcribed by my friends and I are shared with the hopes of releasing mental toxins that have been suppressed for so long that they have ultimately caused healthier understandings and a gaining of new perspectives. I tend to write candidly and honestly about my familiarities as an adult woman motivated to getting her life organized, questioning the modern reality of ever finding true love, and working to establish a meaningful career, all the while determined to live unapologetically.