If Anyone Asks, Tell Them “It’s Complicated” (E-Book)


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Beautiful, cultured, and independent, three big city professionals are taking the world by storm. As a simplistic woman, Brooke learned at an early age the importance of a good education, working hard, standing for what she believes in, and never letting people see her sweat. Strategically learning the significance of balancing time for her family and friends, her career, and her 15 year relationship with a newly- married man, Brooke is required to forfeit her spontaneous and impromptu lifestyle as she rearranges her priorities and determines what matters most in her life. While Sabrina’s past infidelities infiltrate her family’s credence, Jasmine addresses her demons surrounding social settings, money & drugs. “Sister keeping” often strains relationships and tests boundaries. Without judgement, these ladies are breaking rules and breaking hearts.

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